2018 Recipients and Finalists

1. Lifetime Achievement Award

Presented to a female artist or musician who has made outstanding artistic contribution to the field of recording and/or live performance during her lifetime.

WINNERS: Patricia Amphlett, Renée Geyer & Margret RoadKnight

2. Educator Award

Recognises an individual who has made a significant and lasting contribution to the field of music education and/or to empowering Indigenous female artists in remote and regional communities.

WINNER – Dr Anita Collins

FINALISTS – Dr Anita Collins, Louise Denson, Elizabeth Sellars

3. Diversity in Music Award

Recognises individual artists or female-driven musical collaborations for their contribution to advancing a culturally diverse and inclusive music industry.

WINNER – Mission Songs Project

FINALISTS – Mission Songs Project, Rachel Maria Cox, Signal Creative

4. Auriel Andrew Memorial Award

Recognises a true pioneer of Aboriginal women in music.

WINNER – Deborah Cheetham AO

FINALISTS – Deborah Cheetham AO, Jessie Lloyd, Shellie Morris, TIDDAS, Gina Williams

5. Studio Production Award

Recognises a female sound engineer or producer who has made contributions of outstanding significance in the studio recording environment.

WINNER – Anna Laverty

FINALISTS – Anna Laverty, Kath Naunton, Becki Whitton

6. Live Production Award

Recognises a female working in a live production or touring environment making significant impact in her field. Includes: Tour Management, Live Sound, Lighting, Backstage and Roadcrew.

WINNER – Robyn Jelleff

FINALISTS – Lynette Britten, Kait Hall, Robyn Jelleff

7. Music Leadership Award

Recognises a female CEO, Managing Director, Label Manager, A&R Director, Artist Manager or Publisher making significant impact in music industry leadership.

WINNER – Jen Cloher

FINALISTS – Linda Bosidis, Jen Cloher, Susan Heymann

8. Songwriter Award

Recognises a female songwriter or composer who has made extraordinary impact nationally and/or internationally in the past 12 months.

WINNER – Gordi (Sophie Payten)

FINALISTS – Sarah Blasko, Gordi (Sophie Payten), Ngaiire

9. Breakthrough Artist Award

Recognises a female artist who has had a significant breakthrough impact nationally in the past 12 months.

WINNERS – Camp Cope & Amy Shark

FINALISTS – Camp Cope, Stella Donnelly, Amy Shark

10. Music Photographer Award

Recognises a female music photographer currently working in the field and to acknowledge her body of work.

WINNER – Wendy McDougall

FINALISTS – Lisa Businovski, Tashi Hall, Wendy McDougall

11. Film-maker Award

Recognises a female music videographer, clip-maker or film-maker currently working in the field and to acknowledge her body of work.

WINNER – Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore

FINALISTS – Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore, Gemma Lee, Ruth Morris

12. Artistic Excellence Award

Recognises exceptional creative achievement from a female artist/musician across any genre.

WINNER – Ngaiire

FINALISTS – Dallas Frasca, Gordi (Sophie Payten), Ngaiire

13. Creative Leadership Award

A curatorial award recognising excellence in creative programming and/or content creation from a woman working in a music festival, live performance/venue or media setting to champion female artists. Includes: Content Directors, Artistic Directors, Festival Directors, band bookers, broadcasters, writers and publicists.

WINNER – Zoe Hauptmann

FINALISTS – Zoe Hauptmann, Katie Noonan, Roz Pappalardo

14. Musical Excellence Award

Recognises exceptional musicianship from a female musician across any genre.

WINNERS – Lydia Davies & Nerida Tyson-Chew

FINALISTS – Fem Belling, Lydia Davies, Nerida Tyson-Chew