2019 Recipients & Finalists

1. Lifetime Achievement Award

Presented to a female artist or musician who has made an outstanding artistic contribution to the field of recording and/or live performance during her lifetime.


FINALISTS: Joy McKean OAM, Marcia Hines AM, Vika and Linda Bull

2. Humanitarian Award

Recognises an individual (female, male and GNC) who has made a significant and lasting contribution to the field of music education, and/or assisting female artists working in remote and/or regional communities.


FINALISTS: Alison Hams, Dami Im, Lindy Morrison OAM

3. Diversity in Music Award

Recognises individual artists or female-driven musical collaborations for their contribution to advancing a culturally diverse and inclusive music industry.

WINNER: Christine Anu

FINALISTS:  Christine Anu, Lisa Cheney & Peggy Polias (Making Waves), NGAIIRE

4. Studio Production Award

Recognises a female sound engineer or producer who has made contributions of outstanding significance in the studio recording environment.

WINNER: Virginia Read

FINALISTS: Elise Reitze-Swensen (Feels), Kathy Naunton, Virginia Read

5. Live Production Award

Recognises a female working in a live production or touring environment making significant impact in her field: Includes Tour Management, Live Sound, Lighting, Backstage and Roadcrew.

WINNER: Laurie May

FINALISTS: Jenny Moon, Kait Hall, Laurie May

6. Music Leadership Award

Recognises a female CEO, Managing Director, Label Manager, A&R Director, Artist Manager or Publisher making significant impact in music industry leadership.

WINNER: Sue Telfer

FINALISTS: Elise Reitze-Swensen, Lynette Irwin, Sue Telfer

7. Songwriter Award

Recognises an outstanding female songwriter or composer.

WINNER: Mojo Juju

FINALISTS: Mojo Juju, NGAIIRE, Thelma Plum

8. Emerging Artist Award

Acknowledges an outstanding emerging female artist.

WINNER: Alice Skye

FINALISTS: Alice Skye, Ella Fence, Lisa Caruso

9. Music Photographer Award

Recognises a female music photographer currently working in the field and to acknowledge her body of work.

WINNER: Tashi Hall

FINALISTS: Jessica Vaini, Kerrie Geier, Tashi Hall

10. Film-maker Award

Recognises a female music videographer, clip-maker, film-maker, or music animator currently working in the field and to acknowledge her body of work.

WINNER: Tashi Hall

FINALISTS: Aimée-Lee Xu Hsien Curran, Tashi Hall

11. Artistic Excellence Award

Recognises exceptional creative achievement from a female artist/musician across any genre.

WINNER: Christine Anu

FINALISTS: Christine Anu, Nai Palm, NGAIIRE

12. Excellence in Classical Music Award

Recognises a mid-to-late career female classical music artist who has demonstrated musical excellence throughout her career.
*Includes conductors and artists working in the field of opera.

WINNER: Caroline Almonte

FINALISTS: Caroline Almonte, Claire Edwardes, Sarah-Grace Williams

13. Music Journalist Award

Recognises a female music journalist, blogger or editor who has made a creative contribution and courageous impact in truth telling and innovative reporting in the Australian Music Industry.

WINNER: Ange McCormack

FINALISTS: Ange McCormack, Jane Gazzo, Jules LeFevre

14. Excellence in Image Making Award

Recognises a female hair and/or makeup artist and/or stylist* working to change the face of music visually to break down gender, race and social cultural stereo types.

*Stylist to include those working within costume and/or wardrobe activity

WINNER: Melaine Knight

FINALISTS: Chloe Jean, Melaine Knight, Ntombi Moyo

15. Creative Leadership Award

A curatorial award recognising excellence in creative programming from women working in broadcast media (radio, tv, online, streaming services), a music festival or live performance/venue to champion female artists.

WINNER: Katie Noonan

FINALISTS: Claire Edwardes, Elaine Chia, Katie Noonan