2022 Recipients & Finalists

Lifetime Achievement Award

Presented to a female artist or musician who has made an outstanding artistic contribution to the field of recording and/or live performance during her lifetime.

WINNER: Deborah Cheetham AO

FINALISTS: Keri McInerney & Kate Ceberano 

Deborah Cheetham 2022 Winner

Deborah Cheetham AO

Keri McInerney

Kate Ceberano

Inaugural Tina Arena Special Impact Award

This award honours an unsung champion of the Australian music industry.

WINNER: Dina Bassile

FINALISTS: Sahara Herald & Sonja Horbelt

Dina Bassile Winner 2022

Dina Bassile

Sahara Herald

Sonja Horbelt

Change Maker Award

Established by AWMA Founding Executive Producer Vicki Gordon to acknowledge a new generation of women who have had the courage to selflessly place themselves on the front line to call out bad behaviour, bullying and sexual harassment in the Australian Music Industry.

WINNERS: Jaguar Jonze & Tamara Georgopoulos

Deena Lynch Winner 2022

Jaguar Jonze

Tamara Georgopoulos Winner 2022
Tamara Georgopoulos

Humanitarian Award

Recognises an individual (female, male and GNC) who has made a significant and lasting contribution to the field of music education, and/or assisting female artists working in remote and/or regional communities.

WINNER: Leigh Carriage

FINALISTS: Gemma Farrell & Nancy Bates

Leigh Carriage Winner 2022

Leigh Carriage

Gemma Farrell

Nancy Bates

Diversity in Music Award

Recognises individual artists or female-driven musical collaborations for their contribution to advancing a culturally diverse and inclusive music industry.

WINNER: Eliza Hull

FINALISTS: Alice Ivy & Mindy Meng Wang

Eliza Hull Winner 2022

Eliza Hull

Alice Ivy

Mindy Meng Wang

Excellence in Classical Music Award

Recognises a mid-to-late career female classical music artist who has demonstrated musical excellence throughout her career.
*Includes conductors and artists working in the field of opera.

WINNER: Genevieve Lacey

FINALISTS: Elena Kats-Chernin & Celia Craig

Genevieve Lacey

Genevieve Lacey

Elena Kats-Chernin

Celia Craig

Artistic Excellence Award

Recognises exceptional creative achievement from a female artist/musician across any genre.

WINNER: Elena Kats-Chernin

FINALISTS: Katie Noonan & Dr Eve Elizabeth Klein

Elena Kats Chernin - Winner 2022

Elena Kats-Chernin

Katie Noonan

Dr Eve Elizabeth Klein

Studio Production Award

Recognises a female sound engineer or producer who has made contributions of outstanding significance in the studio recording environment.

WINNER: Alice Ivy 

FINALISTS: Antonia Gauci & Becki Whitton

Alice Ivy Winner 2022

Alice Ivy

Antonia Gauci
Becki Whitton

Live Creative Production Award

Recognises a female working in a live production environment making significant impact in her field: includes but is not limited to roles such as Live Sound, Lighting & Visual Design, Set Design, Show Producer etc.

WINNER: Kait Hall

FINALISTS: Annie Peterson & Jenny Moon

Kait Hall Winner 2022

Kait Hall

Annie Peterson

Jenny Moon

Live Production Touring Award

Recognises a female working in a live production or touring environment making significant impact in her field: Includes Tour/Operations/Promotions Management, Tour Assistant, Backstage, Roadcrew, and other related support roles.

WINNER: Casey O’Shaughnessy

FINALISTS: Sophie Kirov & Fanny Lumsden 

Casey O'Shaughnessy Winner 2022
Casey O’Shaughnessy

Sophie Kirov

Fanny Lumsden

Music Leadership Award

Recognises a female CEO, Managing Director, Label Manager, A&R Director, Artist Manager or Publisher making significant impact in music industry leadership.

WINNER: Sahara Herald

FINALISTS: Marianna Annas & Jodie Feld

Sagara Herald Winner 2022
Sahara Herald
Marianna Annas
Marianna Annas
Jodie Feld

Songwriter Award

Recognises an outstanding female songwriter or composer.

WINNER: Tania Doko

FINALISTS: Dami Im & Lisa Young 

Tania Doko Winner 2022

Tania Doko

Dami Im

Lisa Young

Emerging Artist Award

Acknowledges an outstanding emerging female artist.

WINNER: Martha Marlow 

FINALISTS: GLVES & Vanessa Perica 

Martha Marlow
Martha Marlow


Vanessa Perica

Music Photographer Award

Recognises a female music photographer currently working in the field and to acknowledge her body of work.

WINNER: Cybele Malinowski

FINALISTS: Brittany Long & Michelle Pitiris

Cybele Malinowski Winner 2022
Cybele Malinowski

Brittany Long

Michelle Pitiris

Film-maker Award

Recognises a female music videographer, clip-maker, film-maker, or music animator currently working in the field and to acknowledge her body of work.

WINNER: Lucy Knox

FINALISTS: Aimée-Lee Xu Hsien Curran & Natalie van den Dungen

Lucy Knox Winner 2022

Lucy Knox

Aimée-Lee Xu Hsien Curran
Natalie van den Dungen

Music Journalist Award

Recognises a female music journalist, blogger or editor who has made a creative contribution and courageous impact in truth telling and innovative reporting in the Australian Music Industry.

WINNER: Poppy Reid

FINALISTS: Jane Gazzo & Sosefina Fuamoli

Poppy Reid Winner 2022

Poppy Reid

Jane Gazzo

Sosefina Fuamoli

Excellence in Image Making Award

Recognises a female hair and/or makeup artist and/or stylist* working to change the face of music visually to break down gender, race and social cultural stereo types.

*Stylist to include those working within costume and/or wardrobe activity

WINNER: Cindy Vogels

Cindy Vogels Winner 2022

Cindy Vogels

Creative Leadership Award

A curatorial award recognising excellence in creative programming from women working in broadcast media (radio, tv, online, streaming services), a music festival or live performance/venue to champion female artists.

WINNER: Emily Ulman

FINALISTS: Annie Peterson & Vanessa Hughes 

Emily Ulman Winner 2022

Emily Ulman

Annie Peterson

Vanessa Hughes

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