Our Mission

“AWMA’s mission is to lead with generosity, to insist that our society benefits when musicians and those who work with them are empowered from a diversity of places, cultures and identities”

~ AWMA Founding Executive Producer Vicki Gordon

AWMA background

AWMA was established in 2018 to recognise the value and contributions of women and address the chronic gender inequality across the full spectrum of the Australian Music Industry.

The inaugural AWMA in 2018 was a watershed moment for the Australian Music Industry, driving a major cultural shift across the entire sector, highlighting the achievements of women, igniting collaboration and support nationally for diverse female creatives and music practitioners across the sector. In just two years, AWMA has delivered programs which have driven systemic change to make visible female First Nations and multicultural artists, women working in remote and regional communities, female producers, engineers and technicians, emerging artists, elders, leaders and music practitioners across all genres of music.