CHANGE does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.

Reimagining the Dinosaur: Opera After COVID-19

In a post-coronavirus world, opera has a unique opportunity to redress and re-birth for lasting change.

Oprah Winfrey backs Tina Arena’s fight against ‘ageism’ in the music industry

Not yet 48 hours in the country, longstanding women’s rights activist Oprah Winfrey has backed Tina Arena’s fight against “ageism” in the music industry.

Beyond The ‘Dead White Dudes’

How to solve the gender problem in Australian classical music.

One in three Australian composers are women but they continue to be overlooked. Now the industry is joining an international call to arms.

Sexism in Australia’s music industry still rife, but change is coming

For all their successes, the four talented musicians of alt-country band All Our Exes Live In Texas share experiences common to many women in the Australian music industry — they have endured sexism on an almost daily basis.

Camp Cope on speaking out and beating the backlash

Sarah Thompson clicks her fingers, as if to say, snap out of it. We’re behind the shopfront of Poison City Records, past the walls of vinyl, merchandise and skateboards, in a cluttered back room that serves as the label’s HQ.

The changing face of the Australian music industry

Music Producer and Manager Vicki Gordon has been named as one of the Australian Financial Review’s (AFR) 100 Women of Influence.

Classical music is still sidelining women, new research shows

Research shows that some of the world’s top orchestras will be devoting much more time to music written by men and performed by men this season.

Take note – why do women composers still take up less musical space?

Sound and Music set itself an ambitious target – gender parity by 2020. How’s it doing?

A recent history of sexism in the Australian music industry

In honour of International Women’s Day, we’ve decided to take a look back at some of the more memorable industry horror stories of recent times, with the hopes that we can leave these sorts of incidents and attitudes behind in the years to come.

How #MeToo shows that we need to acknowledge sexism in the music industry too

The sexual harassment recently uncovered in Hollywood is sadly not confined to the world of film.

In a notoriously sexist art form, Australian women composers are making their voices heard

Classical music has traditionally not been a welcoming environment for women composers. Opera Australia’s 2019 season, for instance, features just one work by a female composer, Elena Kats-Chernin.

An End To On Stage Victimhood

They are stabbed, suffocated, abandoned, or required to sacrifice themselves. All too often, the female protagonists of operas come to grisly ends for the delectation — or, equally disturbingly, for the ​edification — of their audiences.