Juror Voting Criteria

AWMA is an initiative of Australian Women in Music (AWM)
The selection of AWMA Award recipients is done by way of a thorough voting process. The AWMA Honour Roll & Inspiration Award recipients are selected in consultation with the Executive Producer and AWM.

After all nominations are received a group of industry experts invited by AWM, at its sole discretion, will evaluate all the nominations.

The AWMA Juror Council will determine the eligibility of each nomination, judge each nomination in accordance with the criteria and award the winner for each Award category.

The AWMA Juror Council’s decision is final on all matters relating to the Awards (including without limitation the nomination process, eligibility of nominees for Award categories) and no correspondence will be entered into.

AWMA Jurors will consider a nominee’s achievements over the eligibility period and will take into consideration any other criteria which may be specified by AWM in its sole discretion. Nominees will then be shortlisted in each Award Category.

A member of AWM and/or the AWMA Juror Council may contact the nominator and/or the nominee (or, in the case of an organisation, a representative of that organisation) by telephone or email to ask more detailed questions about the nomination. Failure to provide such information may result in a nominee being disqualified from the Awards.

AWM and/or the AWMA Juror Council reserves the right at any point, at their sole discretion, to disqualify, withdraw, or discount any nominations for the Awards if they reasonably believe that the nomination may be fraudulent, misleading, deceptive, or otherwise violate these Terms and Conditions.

Three finalists will be selected in each category with one award recipient, only, per category. In the event there is a tie in any category and the Juror Council are unable to agree on the outcome, the final decision will fall to the Chair of the AWMA Juror Council in consultation with AWM. No correspondence will be entered into by the AWMA Juror Council in respect of this decision.

Subject to meeting the applicable criteria, unsuccessful nominees may be re- nominated in subsequent years.

All information submitted or provided as part of the nomination for any Award remains confidential to AWM and the AWMA Juror Council, and remains the property of AWM.