Nominations are open for the 2024 Australian Women In Music Awards

Nominations close 28 May 2024 11:59pm AWST

AWMA shines a light on the immense talent and contribution made by women, non-binary, GNC & LGBTQI+ people of all cultures and Country, working in all areas of the Australian music industry.

Two ways to enter

You can nominate yourself and head directly to the Award Nominations system.

Or, you can put forward someone who you think is deserving of an AWMA.

Nominating someone else allows us to send them an email to make them aware of the AWMAs. They can then complete their own entry.




You can make your way directly to the Awards nomination process by clicking the button below.

This is the best option for self-nomination, or for managers, agents, or those who know all their nominees details. 

Self nomination – the benefits

We ask you to complete your own nomination because:

  • You know which categories best represent your achievements.
  • You have your full career details and links to your work.
  • You, and only You, can answer the award criteria from the heart.
  • Importantly, women, First Nations, culturally diverse, non- binary, GNC & LGBTQI+ don’t have enough chances to shine, to reflect on their brilliant achievements, and we need more practice. We need to get comfortable putting our hat in the ring, receiving accolades and accepting recognition for our contributions.

Let’s get started!


Someone Else


If you know someone who is deserving of recognition in the Music industry, let us know!

Enter their details as ‘The Nominee’, let us know why you are nominating, and enter your details at the bottom of the form.

Please note that it is then up to them to complete their own nomination. By filling the form below, you are introducing them to the AWMAs, not completing their nomination on their behalf.



If you need assistance with your nomination, we can help.

We have a Nominations Help page, with a short video series that guides you through the process on the AWMA online platform. Click the button to view the video help:

In addition, we have Nomination Assistants who can:

  • give you general advice if you are stuck on a step in the nominations process
  • have a technical issue
  • help you upload your entry as a PDF if you have difficulty doing so, or
  • answer questions about the criteria.

Please note they cannot provide critique on your answers, or assist in a way that provides unfair advantage.

Our Nomination Assistants are available by phone on 0447 643 697, or via email nominations@womeninmusicawards.com.au.