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Women working in contemporary music is one of the least researched areas of the Arts. Resources to fund ongoing research is virtually nonexistent.

by the numbers report 2020 hack triple j

The Hack – by the numbers 2020

Women in the sector are so behind and so underrepresented where the business decisions are made.

The Hack – by the numbers 2019

Men continue to dominate the scene at almost every level, Hack’s fourth annual investigation into the representation of women in the Australian music industry has found.

The Hack – by the numbers 2018

The Australian music industry continues to be dominated by men across almost every level, and an earning gap between male and female APRA members has been revealed by Hack’s third annual women in music investigation.

Skipping A Beat 2017

Assessing the state of gender equality in the Australian music industry.

Using publicly available published data the report interrogates the industry dynamics that have produced a contemporary music scene in which radio playlists, festival line-ups, industry awards, peak bodies and major industry boards are dominated by male contributions and voices.